Online TV Viewing Growth Slows in 2011

The latest BARB figures for online TV viewing make for interesting reading (this figures relate to TV, not overall video viewing, so are subject to a large pinch of salt since viewers are often confused between live and on demand, especially when it comes to TV services - over 85% of British internet users claim to have watched videos online.)

In the previous week, 14.9% of respondents said they had watched TV via a PC, laptop or tablet, compared to 14.4% a year previously and 14.8% in June 2011.

In the previous month, 25% of respondents said they had watched online TV, up from 24.8% in June and 23.6% a year earlier.

Finally, 36.2% said they had ever watched TV via the internet, up from 34.3% in June and 34.4% in November 2010.

BARB hypothesises that the slowdown in growth could be due to increased DVR penetration and the availability of catch-up services on connected TVs.

Meanwhile, around 7% of respondents to the survey claimed to have ever watched TV via their mobile phones, up from 5% a year earlier,

Perhaps more relevant is that 14% of 15-34 year-olds have watched TV on their mobiles, rising from 8.9% a year earlier.