The Rights Battlefield

It looks like the UK is going to become a rights battlefield as more and more player pile into the paid for online video market. First of all there was the venerable Blinkbox and the domestically reared Lovefilm (although subsequently bought by Amazon), then Netflix created a beachhead. Now, ITV has announced that it will launch a paid for service, and BSkyB is the latest player to enter the fray. I have it on good account that Sony and Samsung will also look to leverage their presence in the living room with services, and, last but by no means least is Apple's iTunes.

It's interesting to note that most of these are PC based services - the likes of Boxee, Roku and Vizio are yet to make an impression - probably since they would be second boxes in living rooms dominated by the likes of Sky and Virgin Media. This is probably the reason that Fetch TV closed its doors last week after a valiant attempt to make an impression on this sector.

But there again, I remember when there were four video rental stores on our local high street. Needless to say, they are long gone...