Not Over The Top

Most OTT players in the UK have sought to launch their own hardware, but Connect TV prove that you can piggy back via the IP port on web enabled Freeview devices.

The model is sound, but the service is weak. Adding 'Racing UK, Sports Tonight Live, CCTV and French, Greek, Polish and Turkish programming from the Vision TV Network' is hardly going to work unless the marketing to reach narrowcast markets has also become far more lucrative.

Still, I'm in awe of Phil Walder, who had a recent setback with the closure of IP Vision. The UK desperately needs people like him, who will bang their heads against the closed door that is UK broadcasting. OFCOM and the government should be encouraging Phil and his ilk with all of their resources rather than propping up tax evading foreign companies like Google/YouTube.... We are in danger of selling one of our most important industries to the US without the slightest murmur.