VidStorer Offers Low Cost Streaming

One of the biggest frustrations that I come across with internet video is that smaller users have to pay through the nose for access to high quality hosting of their video and often end up using their own servers or YouTube for their hosting, which is neither scalable nor gives them the control they want over their video serving.

So, at TV Everywhere we've decided to do something about this and have just launched into beta a new service directly addressing this market.

The proposition is dead simple. We aggregate a lot of bandwidth on world class networks such as those of Alcatel Lucent, Amazon and Level3, and can therefore offer is at low cost to even low volume users. Indeed, at the time of writing the cost is around half of that offered by similar services such as Streamzilla and Bits on the Run.

The new service is, somewhat unoriginally, called VidStorer. So, if you know anyone who's paying for video bandwidth, either live or demand, please send them our way and let's see if we can help them save money!