Big Internet

Big Oil, Big Blue, Big Business. In most of these contexts, big is a bad word. So, how come we regard Big Internet with benevolence ?

Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple have ripped through our society and our way of life and with a complicity that is buried in 'Accept' buttons that reference Terms & Conditions we cannot be bother to ready, which are often capable of getting us extradited to a country with capital execution.

Clicking on the wrong link in the UK can see you in prison in the US alongside murderers, yet American companies are allowed to ignore all the basic principles and laws of copyright, competition and fair trade in the UK.

Now that UK corporate tax is so low, how about some of these companies also paying their fair shares ?

Big Internet makes the worlds of yesteryear's monopolistic industrialists look like a benevolent commune. When will we stop sleepwalking and recognise this ?

We all have copyright.