Brands pursue false economy buying Pirate audience

Our SnifferDog technology continues to identify advertisers supporting pirate content online in order to secure audience at a lower CPM. We have tracked over 700 brands in the last year using both banner and video ads with frequent appearances from brands such as Vodafone, Google, GroupOn, William Hill, BT, Virgin Media, Ebay, Dell, Tesco, Mars, Orange, Microsoft, EasyJet and Harpic.

Recent examples such as Google being fined $500 million for infringing online ads, L'Oreal v Ebay and all point to liability for these advertisers and their agencies which is likely to substantially exceed the savings made in online inventory costs before the reputational damage of supporting illegal activity is even considered.

We have proven technology which reduces the frequency of appearing next to infringing content online by over 90% - if brands and their agencies are serious about respecting IP online tools are available to assist them.