Comscore identifies online ad fraud as the elephant in the room

Comscore in a recent report "Changing How the World Sees Digital Advertising" outlined the findings from tracking 12 blue chip marketeers across 18 digital media campaigns.

The report indicated that 72% of the campaigns ran impressions next to objectionable content (pirate content being the primary problem) and that "Fraud is the Elephant in the Digital Room".

This report confirms the findings of our SnifferDog which shows widespread support for pirate content via advertising $ from premium brands and their network of agencies.

Our data shows that search engines, ISP's and blue chip brands are all "at it"with certain pirate sites attracting regular repeat business.

Copyright exchanges and other similar ideas are very worthwhile but are really diverting resources away from the heart of the matter which is until the flow of advertising $ to support pirate content stops or is significantly reduced piracy will continue to spread.