Give Me $100bn And I'll Make Telly Better

Aw, go on...

You see, the trouble with telly is that everyone, apart from some conspicuous winners, try and lowball it. but it's like any other business. There's a cost to participate, and a cost to succeed. Rupert Murdoch learnt this from Kerry Packer and never looked back.

So, now we have the telly that THEY want to give us, not the best telly, or the telly we deserve. We have telly moulded to make the most money out of us, not the telly we want to consume.

And it's spread across multiple channel, and, worse still, multiple apps. With walled gardens and red buttons and protectionism that would have been illegal in a Soviet economy.

We have new players who are brandishing their own monopolies (see Google).

And we have the newbies chipping away: Netflix, Lovefilm, iTunes, let alone the services we don't yet know about - clearly Facebook and Google want their share.

But I reckon with $100bn I could wrap this up. Anyone investing below this ceiling in the TV market needs to caveat emptor or have some kind of brilliant plan. There's a cost of being in the game, and a likelihood of severe failure below this level.

However, at $100bn I can buy ALL of the programmes and coverage, provide it across a continent or two, corner the ad market, and stop this stupid fragmentation or service and content delivery.

Any takers ? especially when this, I reckon, i the global value of TV and advertising on TV in the current financial year ?

What do you mean, I should call the company 'Sky' ?