Look Away Now...

Is it just me, or are there increasing numbers of TV time shifters who spent their time avoiding all media at all costs.

Recently I missed watching a Wales rugby game live for the first time in more than a decade, and spent the afternoon making sure that I did not come into contact with any type of media - particularly any news. In our Connected Age this is more difficult than you presume. I had to make sure that my mobile phone was off, so that I didn't receive the usual email or text alerts: or indeed text from friends about the score. Pubs were a no-no, as are the increasing number of news screens that can be found everywhere from the display boards of mainline rail stations to the backs of taxi cabs.

This morning, breakfast TV was providing warnings that they were about to interview the winner of a cookery programme 'in case you've recorded it'.

Broadcasters are likely to be turned into schizophrenic wrecks by this situation. The 'water cooler moments' that have driven their peak viewing is now being fragmented and shifted, and they're not very sure how to cope with it.

Meanwhile, I'm the guy walking the streets with his hands over his years and his eyes closed, in case you were wondering..