Turning The Corner To The Same Old Monopoies

The last four years have been a torrid time for most of us. But I believe that we have turned a corner. The capital adequacy measures in the US mean that we can be more confident of stability in our capital markets and that equity investment is viable again.

The TV market has, in the meantime, fared better. Just as the film industry flourished in the Great Depression of the 30s, TV has flourished in many ways during the greatest depression in Europe since.

And, as we recover, there has been some degree of contrition and new regulation. However, we largely still have the same institutions in place - and the credit agencies in particular - that should have been properly held to account and reformed.

Of course the vampire squids of Goldman Sachs remain unreformed, making the likes of the Medicis, Rothchilds and Morgans seem like historical benevolents. We have left the most voracious cancer on our financial world totally intact - actually, we have left the most dreadful cancer on our whole way of life intact - and as today's infamous resignation demonstrates, this is a mistake that will cost us all dreadfully in the future as they make, control and profit from us "muppets". The vampire squid doing god's work rivals Google in its omnipotence. How have we allowed such power to have such dominance ?

We're in a better world, so let's stop dealing with the companies that created the problems that we've had to deal with. I will personally be looking very carefully at the Goldmans client list and ensuring I have no dealings with any company they deal with, let alone the 'vampire squid' itself. As for total monopolies like Google and Facebook, I depend on my Government to regulate.

Fat chance. We return to a good time where the same old monopolies are allowed to exploit us.