"Video Onliners" or The Online Inglourious Basterds

 I feel great and scared about participating in this such a glourious Blog!

So, first of all, I am obliged to give to Caesar what is Caesar's. If it weren't for Iolo, i wouldn't have been able to keep up with the IPTV Market.So, thanks a lot Iolo.

That said, I feel at home here in this blog. We share our passion, we share our dreams and interest about innovation and about making an impact on the Internet. We share our views and thoughts and we both try to defeat all those modern "Xerxes" who support the idea of "one world ruled by one master" HA-OOH!

The video Internet market is being undermined by fake axioms, for example that being in YouTube is more than enough for having a complete online video strategy.

If marketing strategy were so easy as placing a point of contact/distribution/sale in high volume users/consumer aggregators, brands such as Zara, Citibank, Starbucks, or Apple would not bother about having their own well located stores around the Globe. They would just try to get a good placement deal with Macy's, El Corte Inglés o Lafayette. But I am afraid that defining and developing marketing strategy has never been easy. So companies are asking themselves why should they now be developing an online video strategy?

YouTube is behaving like the new and improved Trojan Horse for Media. Its strategy is brilliant: it is free (is it really free?). So they all -Tv Stations, Radios, Brands, Newspapers - drink and get drunk on the promise of what it can deliver, thinking: "It is Free! It is Free! We need to cut costs and YouTube is Free! what a great deal!" And they all do not pay attention to the fact that they are surrendering to YouTube their most precious assets: their content.

Here in the Spanish market, YouTube hasn't got competitor. Mr. YouTube is the new Xerxes, and many marketing professionals live in a Brave New World. At that time Huxley wrote this wonderful novel, there was a fear of Americanization in Europe. Today, there are just a few Inglorious Basterds who are afraid of a Youtubization of the IPTV world. Are you one of them?