Virgin Media Muppetry

Virgin Media will soon give me a 120Mbps connection to the interwonderweb if their Usain Bolt ads are to be believed.

At the moment I get around 8Mbps on their 40Mbps XL service, so hold out little hope for any benefits from the faster service. And the reality is that 8Mbps is enough.

But the TV service is just dreadful. The Tivo service just sucks - OK, it's got a big hard drive and, err, that's it...

The appalling interface, the bad metadata, the fact that recordings cancel each other out, are all just annoying.

And this is particularly galling since I laid out a clear plan for them nearly a decade ago to build a decent TV service encompassing OTT (as it is now called).

120Mbps of nothing. Lovely. Give me Sky...