A Month In Apple Purgatory

Six weeks ago, I bought a Mac Airbook and decided to use it as my main computer. It's been at least fifteen years since I trusted a Mac as my main computer, with the abysmal 3200 laptop. Before then I'd never used anything except for a Mac.

And, I'm afraid to report, little has changed.

The Mac interface is laughable. You cannot make things full screen. Finding a view takes hours of fiddling - requiring a right click key that Apple don't want to give you. The whole machine is just unusable for any day to day activities (unless, I suppose, you're 'creative', which actually means, I'm an idiot who likes being contrary and would prefer to stare at a computer than actually use it...)

I actually persevered for a month and alomst ended up killing myself. All I can conclude is that Apples are just dreadful, dreadul computers with an awful interface and experience, well behind that of a Windows PC.

Ironically all my mates who are Macheads actually run Windows over VM.

Enough said. Mac's crap.