Review of IP Week

Things started to get really social around copyright laws & intellectual property Vs. Internet freedom, and it seems that digital piracy is finally getting the attention it deserves. As there are a lot of ongoing debates about copyright and piracy in the digital age, we thought to make things easier for you and review every Friday the most important news of the week. So, if you think you’ve missed something, here is this week’s main digital news:

1. Two impressive deals, each  $1 billion worth:
Microsoft bought 800 patents from AOL
Facebook purchased the popular photo app Instagram or as it has been claimed, purchased ‘itself’

2. Indian Music Industry (IMI) wins battle against digital piracy, 387 ISPs being required to block 104 music copyright-infringing websites within 36 hours. The main question, however, remains to what extent this move will boost the potential of the legitimate Indian music market.

3. Russia joins the countries that are getting tough on ISPs whose local networks are being used for illegal file-sharing

4. Apple didn’t have the time to celebrate the fact that it became world’s most valuable firm, as the next day the US Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against it and against famous publishers over e-book prices

5. Copyright Royalty Board to set mechanical rates & terms for 5 new digital music service categories. If you’re wondering what that means, in iTunes case, music publishers will get a mechanical rate of 12% of revenue or 20.65% of total content cost or 17 cents per subscriber, whichever is greater. Pretty impressive!

6. Ireland’s and Australia’s turn to look at their copyright laws and debate how are they coping with the fast pace of the digital age

7. Google profit surges.The internet giant reported global revenues of $10.65bn (£6.67bn) in the first quarter of 2012, a 24% increase on the first three months of 2011. Where is this amazing increase coming from? It’s interesting that our monitoring technology keeps on detecting Google in the top 10 of those advertising around pirate content...

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