Start Ups "Not for Wimps"

Sir Stuart Rose, in talking to the BBC about his new project since leaving M&S, said the following:

 "I'll be incredibly candid with you. Start-ups are not for wimps," adds Sir Stuart.

"Start-ups are for believers. I believe this technology will be something that we will all use and want. What I can't tell you is our particular model will be the model [adopted]."

In that sentence (or sentences for the pedants among you) he showed a lot more understanding of the psychology of the entrepreneur than the current crop of ministers and officials.

Tax breaks are great but genuine simplification of admin / tax for businesses sub £500k turnover and less hostility from the State towards these businesses might re-kindle some of the believe that the recent return to recession in the UK prove is drifting away. Banging on metronomically about keeping interest rates low and throwing another £10bn down the tubes in Europe reminds me of Captain Ahab hopelessly pursuing Moby Dick to a mutually sticky end.