What Bit Of 'Liberal' Don't You Understand ?

Nick Clegg, let's face it, is a hypocritical arse. He has no conviction, belief or backbone. All he cares about is being a politician, and a politician in power.

And now he's trying to push through the most radically Big Brother legislation that the UK has ever seen. The Government's agencies will have the right to snoop on any email we send, any post we make, any TV channel we watch..

Liberal ? Try Fascist.

Now, most of us are stupid enough to delegate a lot of our data to American corporations: this just proves how simplistic we can be, but to have the Government able to snoop on every online posting we make, or any email we send is taking us into Orwellian territory.

Frankly, it's beyond belief that these aberrations have been proposed. To hear Nick Clegg defend them tells you all you need to know about the 'Liberals', who are as far away from any notion of personal freedom as the most right wing extremists.

What the UK needs is the opposite of all of this: a new law defending individual copyrights. The irony is that such rights may be granted by the EU, not our own Government.