EU Highlights TV Stagnation

I'm currently working at the other end of the EU with the Rights Tracker development team in Poland, so it's interesting to reflect on some news concerning our industry emanating from Brussels.

A report from the EU's Audiovisual Media Services Directive has highlighted that less than 1% of TV revenues from within the economic zone is generated by video on demand, so there is clearly huge scope for growth.

At the same time, revenue growth in TV overall is stagnant, and has been stagnant since 2008 at €77bn. Not surprisingly, expenditure on programming is also stagnant.

The report notes: “Independent producers have become increasingly reliant on secondary and ancillary revenues to drive profits, with commission spending by broadcasters generally only covering the production cost for the producer.”

All the more reason for us at Rights Tracker to up our game, since there's no better platform for helping production companies and distributors to make the most of their content assets.