HEVC Lifting

It seems that the codec wars are far from over. If I had a dollar for every codec company that I've seen over the past two decades, I'd be a wealthy guy (OK, ok,  I'd buy a decent steak dinner..).

The trouble with coming up with a new, better, codec is that you have to get a lot of very big corporations to adopt it, and that's a hiding to nothing.

However, High Efficiency Video Codec, or the H.265 codec, has pedigree and is supported by a huge range of major players in the industry, hardware, software and content.

Meanwhile, over at Google central they're threatening to go off on a WebM branch. and threatening to drop HEVC's predecessor, H.264. I wish they would. It would kill the dreadful YouTube dead in the water and let the rest of us get on with re-inventing television.

But, of course, it won't happen.