Uneven Playing Surface

The reason that I developed the first global platform to deliver video over IP was frustration at not being able to watch rugby whilst living in the US.

Fixing this technical cavity was easy. Filling the sports side has been difficult, as sports federations trip and splutter into the internet TV age.

The whole 'industry' confounds me. And at no time more than this evening when my team, London Welsh became winners of the second rugby union league in England, confusingly called 'The Championship'.

Now the rules say that they should now go into the top rank 'Premiership' , except the RFU, the English governing body, has deemed that they can't, because they don't have primacy at their home ground (but nor do four existing Premiership teams).Promotion would mean that I could watch them regularly on Sky and brings new riches that come with the Premiership TV deal. It has to be remembered that a fair number of the great Welsh side from the 70s played for London Welsh..

Perhaps the fact that Rob Andrew - the worst outside half England ever had, and a former Newcastle player, is still the boss at the RFU despite countless cockups says it all. Newcastle would be the club relegated if London Welsh were given their rightful place.

That's how sport works. Even with F1 and the Premiership it's not a business, it's a vanity and the oldd boys network, especially when rules can be made up on the fly as in this example.