Vince Cable, LOL

The phoney war between the Tories and NewsCorp in the UK continues unabated, LOL.

And the one person who comes out smelling of roses is Vince Cable, whose promise to 'wage war', made to a sting reporter, actually seems like a sensible game plan after all that's happened since.

Jeremy Hunt seems a very able operator - but then again so did Cameron and Osbourne, who are daily being proved as more and more incompetent to be in charge of a tea party, let alone an elected party - but he has to go.

And the UK Government needs to learn the lessons of NewsCorp when it comes to the likes of Google and Facebook.

There are very few areas in which I remain a fan of the undemocratic, unaccountable and bankrupt EU, but the work of Neelie Kroes, the EU Commissioner for Digital Agenda is a blueprint for how our government should be treating the media and the big online companies that so dominate our lives.

And the closest we have to her in this country. Well, step forward one Vince Cable, who surely must be laughing out loud.

Lots of love!