Make Love Not War

There is one clear message if you govern the UK - if you make war on someone you're removed, if you make love, you have the full support of the Prime Minister.

Yes, it's the tale of Jeremy Hunt and Vince Cable and the seemingly endless Leveson enquiry (I've forgotten what it's actually enquiring into, and if the results of similar epics such as 'Irangate' and the Bloody Sunday Enquiry are anything to go by, it's all pointless anyway). Oh, yes, it's about NewsCorp and hacking and all the thing everyone in this country knew have been happening for decades.

And while we're on the subject, how about the Habbo Hotel scandal, where teens are talking about sex on messaging boards on the game/site. But you can shoot em up with impunity on a hundred other sites. Er, maybe it is make war, not love... The company's investors, Balderton and 3i have 'pulled out' (not sure if this means that they've sold their shares or given them back to the company).

What a complex, confusing and hypocritical world we live in.