I don't visit YouTube often, but tonight I was doing some feature comparison with a new product we're about to launch with a partner and, er, this is what I got:

In fact, I found the whole of YouTube to be really buggy. It just supports the recent posts made here on why this is a good product for amateurs, but not for pros.

I've often blogged about the problems with YouTube, and as sure as I'm blogging here, Google has added in features such as playlists and live, with pay per view also coming, but they are still schizophrenic and still want to be all things to all people in the video space, when the difference between a $500m movie and someone wanting to show their skateboarding dog are considerable in every sense.

It's not that there isn't room for all of this. There just isn't room for it on one service.

YouTube are currently trying a clever ploy with mainstream content owners - upload your content to us so that we can check it's not being pirated (using their analysis engine). Oh, and now that we have your content, why don't we do a deal... ?

Be wary content owners, be very wary...