Poor Motivation ?

Motive TV is a company that has, surprisingly, barely touched my radar, despite it being an IPTV company based in the UK and listed on the AIM market.

The company's main offering seems to be a set top box agnostic trickle down video on demand layer within the product delivery stack (I'm sure that their products do a lot more, but I always look for the key proposition).

It is currently caught up in a squabble with its biggest shareholder (by virtue of an acquisition) - a case due in court this week - over unfair dismissal.

The company's decision not to disclose the court case to the markets which beggars belief. They did this on the advice of Merchant Securities, their nominated advisers.

Being a tiny company on a public markets is challenging at the best of times, but this kind of behaviour does nothing for other companies who might seek a public exit or engagement with a public market.