A Toss Of The Rights...

Scottish football is a total joke.  You have league made up of two sides who play each other a minimum of four times, but usually six or eight times a year, and everything else is a sideshow. And this is how it has been for decades. This isn't sport, it's a boring, sectarian duopoly.

And, as soon as these two poor sides have to play a team outside of Scotland they get hammered. Mediocrity begets mediocrity. Lack of domestic competition blights Scottish football and lets down its massive love and support for the sport as a nation.

So, now, one of the Old Firm is bankrupt - something that befell my team Leeds Utd, in the past, thanks to wannabe billionaires trying to pretend they are Glazers or Abramoviches.

This has resulted in some strange panic, as Ranger are consigned to the bottom of the league.

And apparently, this means that Sky will pull their coverage deal.

Of course they won't. Setanta has already used these rights to launch an attack on Sky and the company won't entertain another such challenge. They will just roll up some third division fixture on an EPG that boasts  Live US Seniors Golf and Wild Spirits, an extreme sports programme I controlled for many years.

Indeed, the new order in Scottish football may finally break the ridiculous duopoly that has blighted football in that country for too long and create a league worthy of the term 'sport'.

Finally, market forces are making rights more efficient in Hibernia.