Virgin - The Non-Olympic Service

Tivo from Virgin Media is just about the most expensive way of consuming media in the UK. Worse still, it means that you can't watch much of the coverage of the Olympics.

The box has no real red button capability - instead it links to the iPlayer 'Big' service that you can get from any web enabled device with a browser. So, the multitude of channels that the BBC provide via other service providers on Freeview and satellite, and on their website, is unavailable to those of us idiots who shell out through the nose for this dreadful box.

Nice one, Virgin Media, you only had, as they say, seven years to prepare for this...

If only I lived outside a conservation area, I would be yet another Sky customer.

So, if you're thinking of getting a Tivo box, don't.  The V+ box is better in many ways, including being able to receive the Olympics.