Assets & Rights

In the creative world there are now only two things that really count - assets and rights.

At TV Everywhere we're now totally dedicated to building a company that can facilitate asset and rights owners to effectively manage these properties.

In fact, there's nothing new about this. Consider ancient Greece or even ancient Rome: what counted were assets and rights.

It's quite a distraction to get caught up in search and social and the many other labels that have defined the online world since its very recent formation.

But, as someone who has been there from the start, if there are any lessons I've learnt is that the online world eventually learns from the real world.

The internet has been the wild west where Google and Facebook are the new Carnegie and Rockefeller (you have to ask where the new JP Morgan will come from). But things are changing, and Google's recent results and Facebook's less than lacklusture public performance indicate a change, and a new opportunity.

Moving forward it is not organisations that seek to usurp, but those that facilitate that will succeed.

Of course, many things have changed forever, but new changes come along and the rules of the previous decade are, as the likes of these companies well know, consigned to the history books.

But a few universal platitudes come back time and again. And I like the way that these are summed up by these two short words.

Is you think assets and rights are important, you need to be engaging with TV Everywhere....