OMG - Windows 8 Is The Worst OS Ever...

Wow, what an evening! I upgraded one of my PCs ( a really powerful laptop) to Windows 8.

What a mistake... First of all, it took five hours on a 100Mbps connection. Then it left me with an unfamiliar interface that I simply don't know how to use.

I can see some news stories and the weather, but have been totally unable to find any files or applications after three hours of trying.

The whole thing is barking. Basically, Microsoft has sold me an interface that is worse than Google's first Chromebook OS and has totally, totally neglected what people use Windows for - business!

So, Microsoft has thrown away the only market it had left in order to try an curry some fashionable favour with the dudes who carry tablets.

I carry several tablets and they're better than this.

All I can see are 'social features'. Why, oh why are massive companies trying to bet their futures on 'social' when there's clearly no benefit or revenue to derive from the fact that people always have and always use interact.

ADDENDUM: Worse still, I found that installing Win 8 on an existing machine WIPES ALL YOUR APPS. Including Office. And it doesn't warn you at all!

Don't buy this!