The BBC & Third World Dictators (Guess..)

It's truly bizarre watching the BBC tear itself apart over Saville. This issue shows up the institution for exactly what it is.

But, the BBC has done much more harm - in totally subjugating Welsh culture, for example. Regular readers of this blog will know how the BBC took to arms as soon as I worked with a potential competitor in Wales - an organisation with barely two per cent of their budget was deemed worthy of wiping off the face of the map through insinuated scandal and lies. The stupid journalists involved didn't realise that this meant lower wages and fewer opportunities for them, now in Wales, there's the BBC and, er... nothing else really...

The BBC then went on to take over their only true competitor, the Welsh language channel S4C, and now have a monopoly over media in Wales that would make most third world dictators blush.

So, this is 'Auntie', and this is a real window on this dreadful institution that we are all forced to pay for.