The New Broadcasters - Part II

So, in a stroke of genius, Dominos in the UK is now offering movies with its pizzas. It makes the same sense at M&S' eat in for a tenner deal (for international readers that's a seriously upmarket supermarket chain offering three courses and wine for two to take away and cook for around $16). Indeed, M&S could do worse in these straightened times than offer a similar extension to its hugely successful marketing ploy (and make sure the own brand Reveals equivalent at the checkout cost £6 for that little up sell that makes these things work).

Or perhaps Blockbuster in its death throws will merge with Pizza Hut or the local Indian restaurant ?

In these straitened times these are the deals that make a retailer, but it shows how keen the contest for content is going to become, and these are the deals that will define the content industry too.

Content in the 21st century will be about routes to market, with some pretty unusual players coming in to play. Starbucks sure started a trend when they started a music label, and they well may need to see through that model when people finally wake up to exactly how vile their core product is.

So, the question to every retailer is - are you in the entertainment business or aren't you?