Why Tech Will Never Succeed In The UK With Morons Like Cameron

Cameron wants 'tech' and 'entrepreneurs' to succeed in the UK!

Let me tell you the one reason that the UK will never produce a sizable, let alone a world class tech company. Tax.

In the UK we pay tax. VAT and corporation tax. Every indigenous company pays it. Which means that any corrupt foreign firm like Google has a huge advantage. They are charged no VAT and pay no corporation tax since they trade billions in the UK, but charge it out of Ireland. This, to me, is totally illegal and immoral.

But our PM 'Dave' loves this. he loves the fact that we can never compete with his beloved US parasites. After all, they not only pay his way, but provide all his closest advisers.

Therefore, David Cameron's government is effectively taxing UK companies 43% above the rate of a US company trading in the UK if corporation tax and VAT are taken into account. What company can compete with a 43% hanicap ?

Why would anyone start up a company in the UK

Nice one, Dave...! Wave those stars and stripes ever higher as you fuck every entrepreneur and businessman in the UK!