Revolving Doors At BBC

The BBC has lost another DG after a short spell. It seems to be the most political job in the UK. Most politicians seem to be able to survive much more muck than the leader of our highly subsidised national broadcaster.

I still reel from the ousting of Greg Dyke on highly dubious political grounds from that most machivellian of liars, Tony Blair (his legacy clearly shows who was actually the more honourable in that tussle).

The BBC is quirky, it is unique and is dearly beloved by the British people, but it is a branch of our politics. It uses and abuses its extreme reach, power and, er, belovedness like no other quango.

Surely now is the time to fundamentaly reform it. Remove it from government control, make sure it allows plurality in areas like Wales, where it has a total monopoly, and get it run not by ex-colonial bigwigs, but by people who see and understand what the future of media in the UK should be.

Otherwise those doors will keep on rotating....