The Week The Internet Changed

A week like no other ? Perhaps I'm given to hyperbole, but this week I believe the Internet has changed forever. First of all was the dubious reporting by the BBC which practically said "we won't tell you, but Tweet it..." over there air. Implied liable isn't an offence in English law, but I have no doubt it will soon be.

Then there was the whole Petreus affair and 'agent shirtless' in the US. The internet brings down Navy SEALs and head of the secret security.
Your digital footprint, fellow netizen, is huge.

Whatever the relative dismerits of the stories (or should I call them threads..), people are now going to be far more aware of what their online actions mean.

Added to this is my perception that more of my cleverer friends are now involved in catching pirates than 'liberating content' and the writing is on the wall. The wild west is over and there are now sheriffs in town. The internet as we knew it is over.