Communications Data Bill / legalised hacking ?

Apologies Iolo - this has nothing really to do with IPTV.

Estimates vary but implementing the above snoopers charter is expected to cost £2.5bn and will give every major UK government agency the ability to track and trace the citizen from cradle to grave. Every call, mouse click, login, email, text etc will be recorded. Political and religious allegiance would all be on record. The distinction between title and content is garbage and in the view of this blogger is simply a mechanism to get the bill through.

The power this would provide to those in charge is breathtaking and as the man said power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Why on earth should the current political class be trusted at all ?

Given that surveillance can already be requested via a judge it seems that this is a reaction to the fact that the judges don't always do what they are told.

The line that this is needed to keep us safe does no credit to Theresa May and comes out of the "lets scare them" playbook. In addition to the EU referendum question and "expansionary fiscal contractionism" rubbish (Osborne 2010) this bill is as good a reason as you will get to not vote Conservative.

Keeping us safe would be better done by putting the £2.5bn back into the the Police and not issuing redundancy notices to soldiers on the front line in Afghanistan.

Of the 500,000 annual requests under RIPA for surveillance we have not yet seen any indication of what the nature of the requests were.

Dissenters will no doubt be sent to the Gulag - I will send a postcard (although the monitoring of postcards has not been ruled out).