No Cloud Giving

Once upon a time you went into town and traipsed around the shops and bought your presents.

Then you wen online and bought them and ended up traipsing endlessly down the local delivery network hub (which is always ten miles away) to pick up your orders.

Now, you can offer virtual gifts. Gifts that are made, can be delivered and picked up in cyberspace. But the options are few and far between. You can't, for example, go to an app on your iPhone and gift it to someone. This seems a serious omission to me.

Apparently you can gift books on Amazon, but I've failed to get this to work since I'm apparently registered at not as I should be... (eh ?)

I don't use iTunes, so no idea if the giving function works there.

Anyhow, all of this presumes that you want to support tax dodgers. UK options for cloud giving seem totally non-existent. If our government want to figure out how to encourage the e-economy, this is where you start.