Say No To YouTube

Someone asked me the other day why I bother to do what I do when YouTube is out there. It's a good point, but it misses the real issue that YouTube is a new broadcaster with some great contribution tools, but it's not a video platform for anyone who is serious about using video. And that should include anyone that wishes to promote their organisation. Video is now mainstream.

YouTube provides a useful portal outlet with an audience, but it's impossible to commercialise and it looks naff if you want to manage your brand.

Here are some other reasons our team came up with on why you should come to TVE and not use YouTube:

TVE offers all of the functions available from YouTube, but we work to serve YOU, the customer, not Google’s money making and tax avoiding schemes.

Here are some arguments on why you should use TVE and not YouTube:

No branding – you can build players and apps with your branding and not YouTube’s.

Better playlists – we provide a lot more flexibility for playlist building, including the ability to build schedules.
Better player builder – you can build a far more comprehensive player with TVE, adding features such as third party scripts.

Sharing – you can share your TVE players anywhere, everyone customized to the nth degree and managed actively

Stats – e’ll give you stats on all of your video, players and distribution.

Other places – we can help you manage your YouTube account, but also send videos to Facebook, Twitter and iTunes.

Live – you can do livecasting to all devices from your  TVE account.

Live to devices – we can deliver live feeds to mobile and tablets, unlike YouTube.

Third party advertising – you’re free to using any ad network for banner, MPU, takeover, pre-roll, instream and overlay ads (including Google).

Pay per view – we offer support for pay per view. Google doesn’t.

Media asset management – a comprehensive media asset management comes with our platform that’s far more sophisticated than YouTube.

Restrictions on usage and distribution – we don’t restrict you in the way that YouTube does. We’re all about TV Everywhere.

Native apps – build video apps with your branding, not YouTube’s.

Desktop encoding – encode locally and then upload, save time and resources if you don’t have a huge pipe.

Longer files – there is no limit to the length of the files you can encode with us.