Ten Years Gone

Around a decade ago we launched a video delivery paltform called TV Station In A Box: then came years of doubt as we tried to persuade broadcasters and business that the future of video was over the internet: would anyone want to watch long form video content over the internet.

Ten years gone and there are now some perceptible signs that major change has happened:
  • YouTube was mentioned 23 times in Google's earnings call this week after years of being the problem child it seems that the company's investment has come good.
  • Netflix just announced that it has added nearly 4 million new subscribers in the last quarter
  • TimeWarner has started to run advertising campaigns to try and get people to go back to cable (from cord cutting and IPTV I'd guess).
  • And today Sky finally admitted that it was struggling to cope with broadband demand (well if you will run contended video services over BT Wholesale without LLU what do you expect).

There is now a growing ecosystem of businesses established on internet TV and I'm wondering what happened to all that doubt.