The Ballad Of YouTube

You work for a major global brand. But life is difficult and complicated. You have ad agencies, and PR agecnies and campaigns and things. They need meetings and decisions and stuff. Boring.

Why not just have a meeting with those nice guys from NewsCorp and ask them to manage all of your advertising globally, after all they have big audiences, many times the size of YouTube? Consolidation, yes, a good idea.

Just say, I'll spend $xxx with you and then you do what you want, but give me a nice dashboard I can show to my Board.

Ah, at last the guys who spend the ad dollars and who know that 50% of their spend works, but don't know what 50%, are sorted. We will now know how 100% of our ad spend works.

In Europe especially, we don't have to deal with pesky tiny media owners, we can deal with a single global player.

Oh, wait, why NewsCorp ? They're old fashioned, no it's those chaps from Google we want. They're very clever, apparently. And they have the best video system in the world.

After all, YouTube gets almost as many viewers in a year as a UK channel in a day these days, so they must be onto something.

And they're easy to use... Our people will love me.

And they have lots of users... and it's SOCIAL, and that's really important. I think.

And as they grow I'll get bigger audiences, and it'll all be free!

And I can embed their player on my website (no one will mind the logo in the corner, no one will think I'm a cheapskate or that I'm part of Google).

I can get my brand onto iPad and iPhone, well a bit... Even if it does look like YouTube. but it will be our videos.

And the tools are great... Did I already say that ?

In fact I'm not going to advertise at all any more, just give all my marketing money to those clever people from  Google who will handle my advertising and my video for me. And I can go away and live on my yatch.