The Silicon Horse

It may seem that the UK pulling out of the EU is the big issue of the day, but the actual reality is that the UK is at war with the US.

The reason is simple and has historic precedences. The UK invited a huge and wonderfully modelled horse into their land. It was beautiful and fascinating and beguiling. Why wouldn't you admire such a thing?

It became an object of reverence, and, indeed, became an integral part of the governance of the land. No one would dream of launching a new jobs or technology or growth initiative without consulting the oracle of the modelled horse. 

No new initiative would happen without a comment from the mouth of the horse, and it was the only source that the governors of the UK state would listen to.

But, one day they realised that the horse had become the source of all adulation. Nothing else in the land mattered, and the people of the land started to suffer.

Apple, Google, Amazon were seen as saviours when they arrived in the UK. Indeed, I have no recollection of any UK politician trying to do anything without reference to these dubious operators.

Together they employ fewer people than Jessops, Comet and HMV, which paid tax, employed people locally and paid rates.

So, the UK government has actively promoted tax avoiding companies, trashed its indigenous tech industry and, effectively, cut off its own tax revenues both on a national and local basis.

UK politicians fell in love with Silicon Valley's sugar sweet addiction and sold its own people down the line.

Amazon, eBay, Google, Facebook and Apple should pay taxes at point of sale and our politicians should resign in disgrace for falling for the charms of these snake oil salespeople with no morals or ethics.

The EU is not the UK's problem, the Silicon Horse is...