The Ballad Of The Rugby Fan

So, it's Friday and I'm at home with not a lot going on. As a proud Welshman I decide that it's time to rewatch our finest moment in recent history - the 30 - 3 win over England a month or so ago.

I go to the BBC iPlayer. Nothing doing - things disappear from this service quicker than they appear rendering it useless as a catch up service. I go to Six Nations Rugby. No video. So who has the rights for catch up? You know, I'd even pay a couple of quid to watch that game again....

It seems no one has the rights. or at least no one is using the rights anywhere I can pay them for it. What a waste.

So, inevitably, I find the whole game, illegally I presume, on YouTube... I'm happy. But the rights holders are shmucks.

Now I'm going to create a company to deal with this problem.