TV Everywhere Takes A Step Beyond YouTube

We've been incredibly busy developing new video technologies at TV Everywhere and we're just taking the wraps off our new drag and drop Player Builder. Clearly, we have companies who want to do more than use YouTube branded standard players for their websites and web systems.

As you can see from the images above, you can build incredibly sophisticated video players without writing a line of code (although if code's your thing, we also have a powerful API and XML skins for you to play with). Perfect for branded and corporate video players. And there's no limit to the number or variety you can  build - each on takes just a couple of minutes to configure.

The system generates HTML5 and Flash and dynamic video players and support features that include:
  • Scalable and configurable player layout with brand, image or colour backgrounds 
  • Components including social sharing, video titles, playlists and schedules
  • Powerful video search function
  • Customisable controls
  • Hotspots and hotlinks
  • Scriptable components
  • Cut and paste integration with Twitter, Facebook, Disqus, Polldaddy, Ebay, Amazon and thousands of other online apps
  • Customisable HTML5 and JavaScript containers
  • Support for live events
  • Support for advertising integration and VAST

The generated players work across all common platforms including PC, Mac, iOS and Android and on most web browsers, including IE7 which is still common in many workplaces.

Examples of videos created using VZ Player Builder can be found here.

The Player Builder requires a VidZapper account that can be requested from