Shop Til They Drop

A rather self-serving bit of research by Samsung predicts that shopping on Smart TVs is set to boom, and despite the hubris, I wouldn't disagree.

In fact, it's shocked me how little store online TV services and IPTV services have put on vCommerce as a revenue source.

Most of the projects I've been involved with have seen great returns from as selling online.

I think the problem is that telly selling has become a nasty, albeit lucrative ghetto on our EPG and this has tarnished it as a commercial medium.

But the traditional television sales channels generate over a £1 billion in sales every year, so this is not to be ignored.

Indeed, the opportunities online are much greater: the same regulatory rules don't necessarily apply, it's easier to point and click to buy than to have to call on the telephone and delivery can be personalised.

Video is likely to play a much greater part in retailing in the future and some of it may well be on Smart TVs, but it will also be as much join tablets, smart phones and PCs.

Indeed, as our high streets decline, video is set to become the new retail shop front.