Bye Bye 3D

There was a fad in the late fifties for 3D in cinemas, but it quickly died out. Now it seems, as we've long predicted on this blog, that TV 3D is heading in the same direction.

The writing was on the wall when a well placed contact who does a lot of work for Japanese broadcasters mentioned that feedback in Japan was very poor and channels were being dropped. That was three years ago.

Now ESPN has dropped its 3D service and the BBC - despite screening the Wimbledon finals this weekend in 3D, has put its 3D development 'on hold'.

The TV hardware industry has long been trying to come up with 3D solutions that don't involve wearing glasses, but the problem is that football just doesn't benefit from 3D, so the usual drivers don't come into play.

So, onto the next bandwagon. Anyone for 4K ?