This Changes Everything

This is the second time I've written this post. the first time NY horrible Nexus just deleted it when I hit Save.

The Nexus has massive critical acclaim, but I regard it as a dreadful, awful piece of rubbish. It is singularly the worst technical object I have bought in two decades. Nothing ever works. It hangs for ten minutes at a time. Three are no decent apps for many things like sketching or taking notes. And did I say it just hangs for ages and ages...

Now that I have that rant away, what about Google's latest hardware effort, the much cheaper Chromecast, a HDMI dongle that allows you to cast video to your big screen?

Well, I reckon it's a game changer.

First of all it is small and cheap and the kind of thing you can buy with an iTunes gift card at a supermarket checkout for $35.

Secondly, it disintermediates some massive companies, such as cablecos, satcos, set top box and screen manufacturers.

Thirdly, it's already sold out. This is where Google will gave massively underestimated their product. It is capable of shifting tens, if not hundreds of millions of units, in my opinion, and dominating the future or television.

Unless the other players in the market wake up and realise what Google is up to.

But I haven't yet tested the actual product. Perhaps it will just delete all your telly...