TV Nowhere

The term that I coined some eight years ago 'TV everywhere' (and two years before the likes if Warner and Comcast hijacked it) is being used ubiquitously these days to define any kind of TV service that goes beyond the traditional set top box.

The reality is that no one has come close to delivering TV everywhere as I originally defined it.

The concept was simple. If you paid for content, you could consume it on any device, anywhere. (TV Everywhere the company has delivered technology to enable this.)

Spending the past year living in France has shown what a pipe dream this is.

No UK TV station is legally available in France. So, the million or so Brits who live here subscribe to proxy sevices that spoof their IPs so that they appear to be in the UK; another set of pirates get pirated BSkyB cards (no one seems to worry about the massive level of piracy going on in Europe since this is establishing a legitimate base for the future).

I managed to spend the last weekend missing one of the most triumphant sporting weekends in British history. As the Lions mauled the Aussies and Murray finally won Wimbledon I was trapsing around chateaux in the Loire Valley.

Now that I'm back in London I can't believe that I can't watch anything more than a few minutes of both events on demand.

TV Nowhere persists....