Want "TV Everywhere" ? Get A Proxy

Your mobile company blocks your data services such as Skype, the NSA snoops on your every call and email, your favourite TV shows aren't available because you're out of market.

There is one easy answer for all of this - get yourself a proxy account. This works by routing your connection away from your ISP's servers to a third party (corporate networks often do this by default). This means that any website or service you connect to identifies you as coming from that server. So, if you're in Kenya and the proxy is in the US, it will think that you're a US user.

The reality is that so-called "TV everywhere" services have been painfully slow getting off the ground and come with massive restrictions on what you can watch where. In the past companies such as Slingbox have provided services that allow you to connect over the internet to your home TV and even control your STB, but due to the paltry bandwidth out of your home, the results are often disappointing.

A proxy, on the other hand, lets you define where you are according to where you are usually consuming or paying for the service (yes, the point is that you are getting access to something you're already paying for).

Likewise if you find your Skype service blocked on 3G, using a proxy will usually re-enable the service since it confuses the blocking your service provider has put in place to cripple the service that you pay them for.

So, stop the snoopers and get the services you're paying for. Get a proxy.

O.N. I should point out that in certain instances using a proxy may break the terms of your contracts with various 'suppliers' (didn't you read those 38 page long terms and conditions ?) and may also be illegal in certain countries.