Clear Blue Skies

Having spent well over a decade building video services in the cloud, I am naturally fascinated by what other companies and competitors are doing.

Today I finally signed up to Adobe's cloud service and expected to see all their apps running in a browser, linked seamlessly and saved on a single cloud account.

The reality is that you can store a few files in the cloud and download apps. The deal is brilliant, in my view - I pay just over £20 monthly for all their apps. A single Adobe app used to be around £300- 400. SO, well done on that front. They should consider an 'Adobe Elements' subs at around $10 - £10 and they could do really well.

Especially if they brought Box or Dropbox to shortcut a proper cloud service.

The reality is, building services in he cloud brings huge challenges (and opportunities), but scaling these services is a totally different skill to running traditional IT infrastructures.

As it stands, there are clear blue skies above Adobe, with only the odd whiff of a pleasant looking cloud...

And so it goes for the whole TV industry. It is making a lot of money from 'cloud delivery', but its production, sales and management process are very 20th century.

The trouble is the industry lacks knowledge: it is full of guys who grew up with complex hardware, who then had to learn something about software and now have to deal with cloud. And it simply isn't in their interest to do so.

In the meantime, the companies they work for are becoming dinasours as new, fleet, social based distributors appear.

The challenge is conceptual and technical: good programme making hasn't changed.