Verizon Bets Big On Broadcast

Now that everyone has a mobile phone, where do you go next as a network operator ? Well, why not become a broadcaster, and even better still, since everyone seems to now be watching TV on mobile and tablet devices, why not become a mobile broadcaster ?

That seems to be the logic behind Verizon's current acquisition spree.

Free to invest again after freeing themselves from their Vodafone part shareholder, the company has bet big.

On top of its Fios fibre network came the acquisition of Edgecast, purveyors of content delivery network technology, and now they are rumoured to be on the brink of buying out Intel's unloved consumer video platform, OnCue.

Unlike Intel, which is said to have struggled with content rights, Verizon already has a suite of channels and on demand content on its Fios TV platform.

Ever since Briab Kranzich became CEO at Intel, the TV venture, which was widely criticised for taking the company out of its traditional B2B space, was touted to be for sale.

Now it seems that both companies will get what they want.

It does shine a harsh light on Vodafone, who are cash rich after the massive buyout of their Verizon stake for $130bn. What plans might they have for the TV industry ?