Bad Pictures

YouTube is very hit and miss. Most of your videos are on there because you're cheapskates that are happy to dilute your brands for a cost benefit, not realising, of course, that your parasite is eating you alive. Ho hum. Was it ever thus.

But there's something else about YouTube - the videos often take hours to start playing, but we;re 'used' to that now, so its OK. But try out Spotify or Netflix, both of whom have introduced specific technology to take care of this. Compare them to the BBC who shove a ton of fantastic programmes onto the internet but do not care at all about viewer experience, despite their public broadcasting prerogative.

In the meantime, I can get a Spotify track to start playing in well under a second and a Netflix move in under ten (unless I'm in Wales where broadband doesn't exist).

But why should anyone suffer from bad pictures in this day and age ?