Slicing And Dicing

As ITV launches new channels, the BBC is closing one down.

For a new DG that came from Opera this is a no brainer - concentrate on high brow and quality and BBC 3 is a youff channel, and none of them watch television anyway.

ITV is launching ITVBe for 'young women'.

According to BARB figures, BBC3 is the sixth most popular channel on UK TV sandwiched between Channel 5 and Dave.

But that is its weakness. There are other channels such as MTV and YouTube that serve this audience and I doubt that they will shed a tear over the closure. Of course, lovie down with the youff producers are hugely disappointed since they are now left with YouTube budgets not BBC budgets.

However, the real point is that the cost of running a broadcast channel is minimal: the cost is in producing content. BBC3 probably costs a few million to run. The programming costs £100m.

ITV is making its existing programmes go further by packaging it, the BBC is producing fewer and fewer programmes since it has a hugely inefficient management structure.

What's wrong with letting the market decide what it wants produced and what it wants to watch rather than a bunch of BBC Oxbridge old boys ?

Well, the real problem is that the BBC is regulated whilst YouTube is not. The kids will just love that.