Nada Las Vegas!

Behaviouralism is the science of making you behave in a certain way.

This was made a fine art in Las Vegas, where I'm writing this post.

Drinks on tap, food plentiful and cheap, smoking allowed, floors kept in 24 hour lights, all to keep you betting, but good TV and good internet are an anathema. These are distractions. My god, you can even bet online and take revenue away from the hotel that is providing the broadband.

So, Las Vegas is the equivalent of a Welsh town, or a village in the African outback when it comes to connectivity.

So, those of us attending the world's biggest TV convention have no access to online, let alone online TV.

The reality us that the NAB should move their show somewhere else and stop trying to run a show in the most internet unfriendly city in the western world since the internet is their future delivery platform.